Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bundle Packages = The 2009 Artist Release Strategy

The old model of one album release every two years is out. Artists spend so much time writing and recording for only a couple weeks of attention surrounding the release. It does not have to be that way. 

In the new model, weeks of anticipation should turn into months. I work closely with a great band out of Nashville, The Minor Kings, who have been in and out of the studio recording their 12-track official debut. As I have been preaching to them, it's all about BUNDLES! 

Below I've provided 5 prime examples of why bundle packages (think samples) are the new way to go:
  1. Maintain the FRESH feeling of a new release
  2. BUILD the anticipation
  3. Acquire the ATTENTION
  4. Allows for full CONSUMPTION
Bundle packages can be an extremely effective marketing strategy for artists. Yet, it will only work for artists whose entire body of work is quality material. If you are looking to be the next one-hit wonder, this should not apply. For all artists looking to make a career out of playing music, I highly recommend looking at the eventual album release as the ultimate destination and marketing the individual songs with an entirely different perspective. 

I would love to expand upon some of the examples above, but the New Year is approaching and I need to get ready for 2009!